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ZigBee Bluetooth Gateway Hub

ZigBee Bluetooth Gateway Hub

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Tuya Multi Mode ZigBee Bluetooth Gateway Hub Wireless Smart Home Appliances Remote Controller Bridge Support Alexa Google Home


• Multi-Mode Connectivity :The Tuya multi mode ZigBee Bluetooth gateway hub supports both ZigBee and Bluetooth connections, providing seamless compatibility with a wide range of smart home devices.

• Voice Control Compatibility :This hub is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to control your smart home appliances using simple voice commands.

• Ready-to-Go Assembly :The product comes in a ready-to-go state, saving you the hassle of manual assembly. Just plug it in and start connecting your smart home devices.

• Wi-Fi Communication :It uses Wi-Fi as its primary communication method, ensuring fast and reliable transmission of data between your smart home devices and the hub.

• Certified RoHS Compliant :The hub is RoHS certified, guaranteeing that it meets all environmental standards and is safe for use in your home.

• Automation Modules:As part of the automation modules category, this hub allows you to automate various processes in your smart home, making your life more convenient and efficient.

Zigbee gateway is a must for all ZigBee products and Some Bluetooth version products demand a Bluetooth mesh ,if you want to use Both Bluetooth and ZigBee protocol products at the same time ,A Multi -mode gateway will be a good choice

App Smart and Remote Control:Adding devices,device reset,third-party control and group control to meet the needs of smart applications,are all supported by the hub.Simply use your smart phone to control remote security kit system connected to the hub anytime,anywhere.

Stable and Reliable Wireless Networking:WiFi signal covers a wide range of areas that is stable and reliable enough for normal work of any connected devices to the hub.

Easy to Fit:The smart gateway hub is designed with absolutely no wiring required and an extremely quick simple WiFi setup,no professional technical skills needed.

Product parameters

Multi-Mode Gateway

Power input: 5V1A

Working power supply: <1A

Operating temperature: -10 inches-55 inches

Working humidity: 10%-90% RH (non-condensation)

Wireless Technology: 2.4G WIFI & Zigbee & BLE5.0 & Mesh

Dimension: 48.8*48.8*13mm

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