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Light bulbs

Light bulbs

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Hats, houses, bags, diamonds, boat anchors, guitars, light bulbs, embroidered patches, hot melt adhesive patches


We have two kinds of patches (Hot Melt Adhesive or Sewing). Please be careful to select which one meets your need.(If this is a Sewing patch. I will  specially indicate the "Sew on patch"in color option.)  


Condition: 100% Brand New And High Quality




Size:As the picture shows.


Package includes: 1PCS




Due to different monitor and camera lights may cause


slight color differences, mainly in kind of all colors.


We guarantee that appearance,


entirely consistent with the picture.


How to use ( this part ONLY for Hot Melt Adhesive)


(1) Take out the embroidery patches and the pants (clothes/bags/shoes/books/other craft) which will be ironed on. Prepare an iron.




(2) Clean the part that is going to be ironed on. Put the patch on the right part. Put the side with heat seal backing directly on the pants.




(3) And please adjust the temperature of the iron to the suitable degree. Then Iron the patch on force backward and forward for about 15 seconds.




(4) After the patch turns cold, check if it is fixed firmly. If not, try again in above same ways. 



Another kind of patches needs to sew on.


Pay attention: This patch only can be hand-stitched                                 


Use purpose:




A) Can be sewn on a favorite bag, make your own DIY creativity, chic and stylish.


B) Kids clothing hanging bad scrape, you can use it fill holes, cover up blemishes.


C) There indelible stains on clothes, you can stick patches cover.


D) Clothes feel monotonous; you can choose a personalized stickers cloth decorated dress up is not the same.





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