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Bidet Accessoriestoilet Bowl Fresh Water Sprayer Dual Nozzle Adjustable Water Pressure Lady's Self-Cleaning Non-Electric Bidet

Bidet Accessoriestoilet Bowl Fresh Water Sprayer Dual Nozzle Adjustable Water Pressure Lady's Self-Cleaning Non-Electric Bidet

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Brand Name: PDQ


Tap hole: 2 Holes

Spary Type: Horizontal

Installation Type: Floor Mounted

Certification: CE

Certification: EAC

Certification: EPA

Certification: UL

Faucet Tapping: 2 Holes

Model Number: Toilet and bidet

name: Toilet and bidet

nozzle design: Female (front/rear) dual nozzle

Water inlet design: Brass inlet

install: simple installation


【Easy to Install】
No plumber required! This bidet can be installed in 15 minutes by watching our installation video. A non-electric bidet toilet seat helps you clean yourself with gentler, more effective clean water, avoiding the potential risk of various infections and making everyone have a good time

【Double nozzle self-cleaning bidet】
The bidet attachment features dual nozzles with two spray patterns: intimate front cleansing for women and rear cleansing for men and women. The self-cleaning feature sprays water down to clean the nozzle itself, washing any water or debris that splashes back onto the nozzle. Choose self-retracting nozzles as they are very hygienic.

【Ultra-thin adjustable pressure bidet】
This bidet is only 0.25" thick to hold the toilet seat. The water pressure control knob allows you to adjust the water pressure, creating a comfortable and easy-to-use experience, gentle cleansing, suitable for those with hemorrhoids or other conditions that cause irritation and pain, convenient for the elderly and people with mobility impairments when accessing the bathroom, enjoy the perfect life.

【Save money and the planet】
With hundreds of millions of rolls of toilet paper used by people around the world every day, bidet toilet seats only require a comfortable flow of water to provide a thorough clean and can reduce reliance on toilet paper and wipes, saving money and reducing toilet paper waste by 90%, Pursuit Greener environment.

【Package List】
Cold water clean tub*1, braided steel pipe*1, 1 brass metal T-shaped adapter, 1 assembly manual, 3 toilet seat pads and Teflon tape, etc. The small accessories are shown in the picture.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will help you deal with the problem

ordering instructions
 1/2  applicable to Russia, Israel, Brazil, Ukraine, Chile, South Korea, Australia, Belarus, United Kingdom, New Zealand and other Asian/South American countries
 For Europe, such as France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, etc.)
7/8 (US, Canada, Mexico, North America)
  The recommended size is for reference only, please refer to the actual measurement. (as the picture shows)

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 【Accessories diagram】

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